Palace of Knossos

In Crete, the Palace of Knossos is a must-see. This archeological site, discovered by Sir Arthur Evans, is the most grand and the best conserved of the 4 Minoan Palaces. And even if you are not passionate about old stones, you will be moved by the throne room and frescoes, and intrigued by the historical controversy linked to it: is this the palace of King Minos?

Who is Minos?
In Greek mythology, Minos, son of Zeus and of Europe, is a legendary king of Crete. His name was given to the Minoan civilization, which flourished in 2000 B.C. in Crete.

Knossos or the birthplace of the Minoan civilization?
Sir Arthur Evans came to be known through his excavation of this civilization. According to Homer, the Crete comprised of 90 cities, of which Knossos was the most important.

None of the Minoan cities had outside walls, and archaeologists have noted very few weapons. The Minoans are often described as a commercial people, notably of tin which was very important during the Bronze Age.

The religion of the Minoan Crete is different from its contempories; no fresco of God, even though there are numerous, no temple is dedicated to a divinity. The objects demonstrate religious ceremonies that place humans before the dieties: sarcophagus, rings, ceramics. The offerings were statuettes of small dimension, quite feminine like the “goddess of serpents” or animals.

A guided visit of Knossos
The palace is a complicated maze of alleys. Like all the Minoan palaces, Knossos was constructed around a central courtyard.

From the courtyard, an antechamber which has a seat and a stone basin overlooks the throne room where you see the royal throne and a fresco dating back to the Mycenaean period, representing Griffons in a field of lilies. You can also equally distinguish a small staircase leading to a “lustral basin” illuminated by the skylight.

How to get there
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